A Foundation for Teachers, Under Privileged Children


Humanity Upliftment and Empowerment


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The Earth Saviours Foundation,
New Delhi, India

Food Seva


We have monthly food distribution seva, for our lesser fortunate siblings of Humanity. We do this in different areas around the city, or at Bastis (hutments), or at our affliate orphanages, NGOs and destitute homes. We are now beginning with a Monthly Food Bhandara, where our students, clients, and volunteers, shall be involved from cooking to serving. A sure way, to involve soul efforts, filled with lots of love, compassion and the true spirit of Oneness.

Donation of Items


You can donate any of these items, regularly/monthly, or as convenient to you. The items for donation are: food items, grains, stationary, new/old clothes, toys, books, and any other utility items. We make sure that, all the items reach the hands, that need them the most. As said by Meher Baba; "Real Happiness Lies In Making Others Happy."

Education and 



We intent to educate and empower 

individuals, to become a person, operating at their optimum best.

Health is Wealth, and this wealth is most needed, to be a balanced, and empowered human being, in mind, body and spirit. Thus we understand the importance that, both these aspects, are integrally hand in glove. For us, every person empowered = An Empowered Society.

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S3 Initiatives ~ Social Service for the Soul


The Meher Roshani Foundation is our humble endeavour to give back to Humanity; because we believe that, “We make a Living from what we Get; but we make a Life from what we Give.”

We at our parent company, Sparkling Angels WHOLEistic Living / Holistic Healing, empower individuals towards Spiritual Independence, through personal guidance, healing, and spiritual mentoring/coaching sessions and through our transformative corporate and individual workshops, meditations and seminars, to become a WHOLEistic Universal Citizen. We encourage our students, participants and clients to be a part of our activities, not just by financial charity, but by giving them an opportunity to involve their soul efforts through their time, talents, gifts, efforts, recommendations and much more. We help everyone to feel equally capable of doing "Charity" as for us Charity is not just about money, it is about mindful involvement of empowered, caring, loving and understanding souls. Thus in many humane ways, we help people to move away from mindless, indifferent Charity, to mindful charity involving their soul.

We instil in our fellow humans, the core ethos of spiritual essence, where actually it is the Receiver, who is at a higher spiritual pedestal, because, "None can be graced to be a Giver, unless there is a Receiver." In a nutshell our aim through our Foundation activities is; to make every individual move towards, oneness, brotherhood, dignity of labor, and see the Divine Glory of the Creator in everyone and everything around them.