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About Us

With the grace of Avatar Meher Baba, Meher Roshani Foundation, has been founded in the memory of my late parents, Bomanshah and Nergish Nadirshah and my late Aunt; a wonderful teacher and educator, Perin Nadirshah.

Meher Roshani Foundation is an endeavour ~ "To Give Back, From What We Have Got." Contributing or volunteering to be a part of this is not just another cause for charity, but it also helps every individual to think back upon their roots, by remembering the very beginning steps they took in their lives. It all began with our teachers - those teachers who we have forgotten and written off. They have made us capable and strong, but instead of being recognized for the same, they have been cast off by us. An engineer, doctor, lawyer etc. wants their children to follow their footsteps. But a Teacher wants his/her child to do anything but be a Teacher. The reasons seem to be more than obvious. So many teachers have worked and continue to work with meager salaries, insufficient retirement earnings.  They have made us, worthy, successful and financially secure and given us a stand in society, with a great future to look forward to, by imparting the best of what they had to offer in all aspects of life. Thus as time has gone by, the quality of teaching as a whole has fallen, it has come down from the passion of teaching; to teaching only as a means of basic income to make ends meet and earn a simple livelihood. We at Meher Roshani, endeavor to transform this.



Our Team

Our Team comprises of our Mangaging Worker ~ Roshani Shenazz, who's compassionate vision to bring love and respect to our Teachers and Gurus, responsible in making us who we are; and to empower, uplift, heal, and awaken humanity and it's lesser fortunate siblings, gave birth to Meher Roshani Foundation.

Alongside Roshani Shenazz, are students, clients, patrons, friends, family and well wishers, who are always supportive to step up for all the activities undertaken by our Foundation. They find it soul satisfying to involve themselves in different ways, best suited for their time, talents, abilities and capabilities. This nurturing of each human spirit to utilise their inner potential for the benefit of the World, makes our team, truly unique and evolving each time, for each activity that we choose to do.

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